What is the good life according to socrates

The ethics of Socrates is briefly outlined. Socrates' Life BC: Several features of Socrates' life give insight into his ethics. As a young man in battle, he distinguished himself for bravery several times.

What is the good life according to socrates

Days filled with reading and strolls through museums, retirement to a tropical island, unlimited amounts of time for video games….

What is the meaning of life according to Socrates

Whatever they may be, our concepts tend toward fantasy of the grass is greener variety. Though the work of philosophers for the past hundred years or so may seem divorced from mundane concerns and desires, this was not always so. The Platonic version of the good life comes in for a thorough drubbing at the hands of Friedrich Nietzsche, as do Aristotelian, Kantian, and Judeo-Christian ideals.

For Nietzsche, life is best affirmed by a striving for individual excellence that he identified with an idealized aristocracy.

Despite his contempt for traditional morality, Nietzsche did not seek to replace it with universal prescriptions, but rather to undermine our confidence in all such notions of universality.

The Ethics of Socrates

The series here on the good life should give you plenty to reflect on, and to study should you decide to take up the challenge and read some of the philosophical arguments about the good life for yourself, if only to refute them and come up with your own. For many more open access philosophy videos, check out the Wi Phi Youtube channel.

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Surprenant in our collection of Free Online Philosophy Courses.Without the luck of being born to a good family and with a good temperament, the good life is hard to achieve.

Material comfort, luck, good breeding, a youth filled with proper education, and friends are all requirements of the good life for Aristotle, and the average person has little control over such factors.

Socrates' Conception of the Good Life Relating it Back This relates back to what we are studying because Antigone, by Socrates' standards, is truly living a "good life"; she is questioning the things around her, rather than just accepting everything that is said to her.

Virtues, according to Socrates are said to be important in the good life because they tend to represent the best qualities an individual should have in life. In his arguments on the good life, Socrates stressed that virtues are the most valuable possessions in an individual’s life, hence leading to the good life.

The good life for Socrates is the life guided by curiosity. ("The unexamined life is not worth living"). Finding "what makes you happy" is a more hedonistic, modern pursuit. The ethics of Socrates is briefly outlined. lausannecongress2018.com Self-knowledge is a sufficient condition to the good life.

Socrates identifies knowledge with virtue. If knowledge can be learned, so can virtue. Thus, Socrates states virtue can be taught.

What is the good life according to socrates

The meaning of life is just to live every moment. But who's Socrates? Socrates was a philosopher who lived in Athens. He believed that the meaning of life was to live your life without bothering.

Socrates and Happiness