Timothy matlack handwriting analysis

Written by Guest Author Mark Dehe Edited by Cindy Little If we were to go back to the original date that ignited the cataclysmic events in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we would have to go back to April 19, - and even then, events began unfolding months prior. ATF agents, having previously served warrants on the Branch Davidians because of suspected illegal weapons stockpiling, ended a months-long standoff by storming the compound. In the process, 88 members were killed and the compound itself was burned to the ground. So incensed was he by this obvious "suppression of human rights" that he felt the need to take action.

Timothy matlack handwriting analysis

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Ben wants to hear the story of the Gates family history, so his grandfather begins reciting: InCharles Carroll the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence traveled to the White House, desperate to speak with President Jackson before his death.

But, since the President wasn't at the White House that night, Carroll had no choice but to share his closely-guarded secret with his stable boy, Ben's ancestor, Thomas Gates.

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Carroll told Gates about a fabulous treasure that had existed throughout history, collected by pharaohs and emperors for hundreds of years before being discovered by a group called the Knights Templar.

The Knights believed the treasure to be too great for any one man, so they secretly smuggled it out of Europe and over to America. By the time the treasure had been taken to America, the Revolutionary War was raging. Timothy matlack handwriting analysis Knights had formed a secondary group called the Freemasons, had recruited members like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Paul Revere, and had formulated a number of secret clues and maps in a desperate attempt to keep the treasure from falling into the hands of the British.

As the war ended and time went on, all of the clues were lost except one, the clue belonging to Charles Carroll: He is obviously skeptical about the existence of the treasure.

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Ben asks if the Gates family are actually Knights. John does an impromptu ritual, and pronounces Ben to be a Knight Templar to the family Gates. The group stumbles across a figure buried in the ice.

They carve it out using special tools, and find the remains of a ship: Ben opens the barrel and uncovers a carved ivory meerschaum pipe. He discovers a stamp-like imprint on the pipe's base. Coating it with a little of his blood, he rolls the imprint along a paper, and unearths a riddle: The key in Silence undetected.

Fifty-five in iron pen, Mr. The key and legend both refer to a map, and the stain affected and key in Silence undetected, is a dye or reagent needed to make the next clue visible to the naked eye.

timothy matlack handwriting analysis

Iron refers to a firm resolution, and Timothy Matlack was the scribe for the Continental Congress; 55 members of which signed a resolution that Mr.

Ian Howe wants to find a way to take a closer look at the document, but Ben is unwilling to take the chance to get close to such a historical artifact.

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Ian thinks they should steal the Declaration to find the map and the treasure, but Ben flatly refuses. Ian finally turns on Ben and Riley, stealing the pipe and stranding them while setting the Charlotte to blow up.

Abigail Chase Diane Krugeran expert in historical documents in charge of the Declaration. Ben uses the alias "Paul Brown" because his family's history doesn't allow for much respect in the academic world. Ben notices that Abigail has a collection of George Washington's campaign buttons but is missing one.Timothy McVeigh Hotel Staff 05/16/95 This assessment is based upon an analysis of the client-provided handwriting sample and is intended for the sole and confidential use of the client.

The Comprehensive Profile is divided into four parts: PART 1. . analysis for over 40 years. Dr. Morgan is certified by Handwriting University International and by Mr.

timothy matlack handwriting analysis

Bart Baggett, an internationally recognized handwriting analyst and international authority on Court Document Examination. May 12,  · Anyone interested in german genealogy might want to pick this lausannecongress2018.com offers help in some script versions they used in the past.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and lausannecongress2018.com Download National ArchiveTrueType font. Download , Free fonts at lausannecongress2018.com American Scribe.

The handwriting of Timothy Matlack, who penned the American Declaration of Independence in for Thomas Jefferson.

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