The power of words in literature

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The power of words in literature

This paper will explore how the power of the written word has maintained its prominence and influence despite the many changes in literary structure, style and context. Literature competes with many prominent opponents when trying to interpret why and how events evolve throughout modern Chinese history.

These aforementioned factors are important on their own right, and give important context in understanding the wider scope of possible influences on history. That being said, literature is something powerfully subtle that often receives little recognition, but has played a crucial role in the evolution of modern Chinese history.

The living legacy these men left, however, was not their personality or charisma, but their words. Their words have been transmitted through various means throughout the years and have consistently remained a legitimate source of power in China.

A great launching point in this discussion is with Confucius. Throughout his time as a teacher and aspiring political advisor, he pointed others towards the Five Classics.

From this example we can see that Confucius helped lay the foundation for textual, even literary authority. This fact becomes immensely important in the argument for the power of the written word as we understand the far-reaching influence that Confucian thought has had on Chinese history.

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His interpretations of the Five Classics defined much of what China became during later years. One other foundational early thinker and writer was Zhu Xi. He was an early 12th century Neo-Confucian scholar who supplemented the five classics with four additional books: Perhaps more important than his role in determining the required list of philosophical texts, Zhu Xi also left a legacy through his commentaries on the four books.

In his commentaries, Zhu Xi took Confucian philosophy and blended in Buddhist transcendentalism in order to reemphasize disciplined self-cultivation through an acute understanding of the Way Fairbanks This becomes more evident as we understand that it was the civil service exam that defined the elitist social order in China.

The ability to master the prescribed interpretation and application of the five classics and four books translated into real power as these scholars were rewarded with elite status and all of its trappings. However, Wing-tsit Chan makes an interesting connection between Zhu Xi and Hu Shih that would be effective to discuss now.

Basically, Zhu Xi teaches others to find out how and why things happen, and that one way to accomplish this kind of careful investigation is through the careful investigation of texts, and then meditating on the validity of those discoveries.

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Fast forward to Shanghai of Chan records an event in his book Chu Hsi: Without Chinese representation or consent, land held previously by Germany in the Shandong Peninsula was granted to Japan.

Chinese citizens protested vehemently against the agreement and student demonstrations dominated the streets of Beijing in The people were opposed to the unfair treatment by imperial powers, and more importantly, the people were tired of the inability of their own government to prevent this loss.

The New Culture Movement was in motion before this point in time, but was given a needed measure of momentum following the May 4th Movement. It was during the New Culture Movement that two important literature movements greatly influenced the rapidly changing scene of Chinese history.

The first was the introduction of a powerful and new style of literature written in the vernacular. This was accomplished primarily by Lu Xun and his contemporary Hu Shih. Their words and short essays were promulgated through the second important literary movement I wish to address, the New Youth publication, or La Jeunesse.

Hu Shih and Lu Xun understood that an effective means of expression was a crucial factor in this New Culture Movement.

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In August ofHu Shih used the New Youth publication to issue a new model of writing powerful, living literature. Pay attention to grammar. What you say must be about something. This break in literary style was a break of millennia old tradition which depended on classical, highly stylized, and classical Chinese, which was to these literary revolutionaries a dead language.

As an example, imagine Americans reading and writing in Latin for years, while speaking varying forms of English.

The power of words in literature

Then imagine being part of the literary movement that breaks this ancient tradition to popularize the use of English as the medium of written and spoken expression. Alongside Hu Shih in this movement, Lu Xun also used the baihua as his medium of expression, with the New Youth publication as his personal loudspeaker.'literary' Literary words and expressions are used to create a special effect in poems or novels, and are not usually used in ordinary speech or writing.

'Awaken' and 'waken' are old-fashioned or literary words. Literary also means 'connected with literature'. His power and threats were not omitted in my calculations; a creature who could exist in the ice caves of the glaciers and hide himself from pursuit among the ridges of inaccessible precipices was a being possessing faculties it would be vain to cope with.

/10/3 Literature is the Power of influence The quest to discover a definition for “literature” is a road that much travelled around everywhere. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. a literary device in which the author speaks of or describes an animal, object, or idea as if it were a person.

The power of words in literature

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