The changing status of women essay

Though modern feminism was nonexistent, many women expressed themselves and exposed the conditions that they faced, albeit often indirectly, using a variety of subversive and creative methods. The social structure of sixteenth century Europe allowed women limited opportunities for involvement; they served largely as managers of their households. Women were expected to focus on practical domestic pursuits and activities that encouraged the betterment of their families, and more particularly, their husbands.

The changing status of women essay

In the past, women have been oppressed to a point where they were treated as a completely different species. They were in a country that seemed to be a dark tunnel with no hope, dreams, or sense of fulfillment. Now women have been given their natural birthrights, and they are now able to do everything males can do.

Women in India are beginning to follow the direction that the women of the Western world took more than eighty years ago; demanding treatment as human equals.


However, it has become more and more evident as the revolution ages that Indian women may have to adapt the Western feminist method to their very traditional and religious culture.

India has different complications that put the development of women in a completely altered context than their Western counterparts. Although the key targets remain similar: Women are striving to be independent on the equal level of men.

The additional complexities that the women of India must also challenge are the caste system, the heavy religious customs, older and more traditional roles of the sexes, as well as the even stronger power that men hold in India.

They all accomplished much, but a lot more has to be done; which requires the complete support from the other sex. No longer do women write books depicting their insecurities and injustices.

Now women are writers of Pulitzer Prize winning works and teach aspiring male authors how to be the best they can be. As women kept making these advancements to individualism, people have taken notice, and now women are considered better contenders for many jobs, men no longer have the full control they once fabricated.

The changing status of women essay

With the achievement of all this, women now have so many opportunities that were once a dream, the tunnel they once envisioned so dark and impassible seems like a stairway to light, to the open society of acceptance and opportunity. The future of women in India looks bright and secure and their role even more important than just being a wife, mother, or daughter.Sep 11,  · The seventeenth century was not an era of drastic changes in the status or conditions of women.

Women continued to play a significant, though not . Biological Differences Between Men and Women With Respect to Physical Aggression and Social Stability.

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Essay on Women Empowerment In India. This is the article by Prof. V.P. Gupta, Director, Rau’s IAS Study Circle, New Delhi.

The changing status of women essay

Women Empowerment itself elaborates that Social Rights, Political Rights, Economic stability, judicial strength and all other rights should be also equal to should be no discrimination between men and woman.

Our Mission. NWPC is a national, pro-choice, multi-partisan, grassroots membership organization dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and supporting women candidates for .

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