Technology management le petit chef

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Technology management le petit chef

Make a list of those factors which you believe are most important in determining the rate at which technology improves. In what ways are radical and incremental technological change really different?

What are the managerial implications of the technology dynamic described by Foster as the S curve? How did diaper technology evolve? Does it fit the models outlined by Foster? How do markets evolve? How does technological change shape and connect to market evolution?

How do market and technology evolution provide opportunities for entrepreneurs? What types of changes in competition are driven by technological and market dynamics? Is disruption a useful way to think about these dynamics? What does it really mean — what is the definition that Christensen uses?

How is it different from the idea of radical innovation? Why do some of these opportunities lead to a wave of successful start-ups, for example the hard disk drive industry analyzed by Christensen, while others, such as the TV opportunity that Gladwell describes The Televisionary lead to failed entrepreneurship?

Is innovation about individuals or groups? Do you think it is possible to build an organization to systematically come up with new innovations?

What processes would it need to have?

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Referring to the case, why does BIG seem better able to identify and bring to market innovative toy concepts, whereas the major toy companies feel they are in a period of a "lack of innovation" p. How proprietary or defensible is BIG's system?

Could one of the major toy companies replicate it? Why or why not? Can BIG replicate its system in other industries such as your own? When a new idea is generated what are the actions required to turn it into an innovation?

How can experiments help with this refinement of an idea into an innovation? What does it mean to have an experimentation strategy?

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What experiments did they undertake at AIR and what was the purpose of each one? As an investor in AIR, are these the experiments you would have wanted the firm to do with your money? If not why not? How would you evaluate Team New Zealand's use of simulation technology in its development process?

What are its advantages and disadvantages? Which of the three yacht construction strategies should Team New Zealand follow?

Technology management le petit chef

How much improvement would you expect from each strategy? When you cannot build prototypes can you still experiment and iterate with design? How does the Lead User research process differ from and complement other traditional market research methods?

What about prediction markets? How has 3M's innovation process evolved since the company was founded?

Technology management le petit chef

Why, if at all, does 3M, known as a "hothouse" of innovation, need to regain its historic closeness to the customer? Has the Medical-Surgical team applied the Lead User research process successfully?

What are the risks to the new Lead User process at 3M? What are the risks to the Medical-Surgical business unit?Each Sofitel hotel is a unique blend of French art de vivre and local mores. In the heart of the district synonymous with Parisian fashion, the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg hotel embodies all the prestige of haute couture and luxury.

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