Special issues international business transactions

Course Descriptions MGT — Cross-Cultural Management 3 This course explores the challenges of managing a culturally diverse work force and the complexities of managing in countries with different religions, traditions, and value systems. This course focuses on the ability of managers to lead, motivate, communicate, and negotiate with individuals with different attitudes towards achievement and work, time and change, wealth and success, gender and the family, religion and language. The course places a special emphasis on the cultural characteristics and diversity of people in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and the U.

Special issues international business transactions

However, if global business were easy, everyone would do it, and there are significant risks and challenges associated with going international.

You may also have to pay additional taxes and import duties in the United States if you are importing products from other countries. The legal complexities of international business can be challenging, and without proper legal advice you might be subject to fines and penalties.

Make sure you have excellent international lawyers who have a firm grounding in the laws of their home countries. Language Issues Language barriers are an obvious downside to doing business internationally.

You may need to rely on translators when speaking to business contacts, and the intricacies of what your contacts say may be lost in translation. If you are outsourcing customer service to another country, your customers may struggle to understand people whose first language is different than your own.

Cultural Barriers Different cultures have different values, and sometimes these differences can be stark. Gender, for example, could prove problematic in countries where women are not given equal rights to men. You may find yourself wondering if you can safely send female employees to certain countries.

Marketing styles in other countries may differ, and polite behavior in the United States may be impolite elsewhere. Political Problems Many people are strongly opposed to outsourcing, globalization and other international business practices. You may lose some of your customer base if you begin trading in other countries.

Moreover, if your company is involved in human rights abuses in other countries -- even if you had no idea these abuses were occurring -- you may be subject to an onslaught of bad publicity and lost business.The Business Transactions Group provides counsel to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses, special purpose enterprises and joint ventures as well as seasoned businesses, public and private.

For new businesses, we assist with choice of entity decisions, capitalization and ownership structure, business buy-sell agreements, equity compensation. This special break-out edition is adapted from the authors' widely used International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook, now in its 11th edition ().

Special issues international business transactions

The purpose of this volume is to facilitate a focused study of issues arising out of planning, operating, and terminating foreign investments. After a brief introduction to the conduct of business in the world community, the.

International Business Transactions IMG’s international trade group is a leading provider of legal services to companies engaged in international trade in the Pacific Northwest. We provide legal services to the global trading community, and our clients include trading companies in the fisheries, oil and gas, grain and soft commodity, and.

The continuous flow of international business and trade has become a prominent feature of the world economy, and is accompanied by the increasing incidence of transnational business law issues.

A grasp of the field of international business transactions is essential for . The work provides analysis of the legal issues that arise in business transactions involving more than one country. It includes discussion of transnati onal contracts, Annual Fundamentals of International Business Transactions.

Special issues international business transactions

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