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The Court of Appeals vacated the dismissal, holding that the statute is a prohibition on contraception per se, and conflicts "with fundamental human rights" under Griswold v. Appellant, inter alia, argues that appellee lacks standing to assert the rights of unmarried persons denied access to contraceptives because he was neither an authorized distributor under the statute nor a single person unable to obtain contraceptives.

Single eisenstadt

Observatory of Religions Economists have increasingly emphasized the role of institutions in shaping economic activity. Among the many studies on institutions, however, there has been relatively little resarch on the economic role of religion in modern societies or in recent episodes of economic growth and change.

Single eisenstadt

This lack of research is suprising because religious practices, traditions, and philosophies are important components of national cultures that shape institutions.

Lewer and Hendrik Van den Berg Religious cultures are clearly legitimate subjects for scientific study. This paper contributes to the research on the economic impact of religious cultures and religious institutions by examining the empirical relationship between religious cultures and international trade.

The effect of religion on work habits Religion can impact international trade in several ways. First, religion is a cultural Single eisenstadt that directly guides human behavior.

For example, if a religious culture encourages production, hard work, and commercial activity, [ Second, the sharing of particular religious cultures by people in different countries may enhance trust and, therefore, effectively create networks that facilitate complex international economic transactions when other supportive government and social institutions are missing Rauch, Barabasiand Rauch and Castelaexamine the economic role of networks.

For example, Greif, describes how the Maghribi traders, a small ethno-religious group dispersed throughout the politically fragmented Mediterranean region in the Middle Ages, established a long-distance trade network. Ensminger similarly discusses how Islamic merchants created trade networks in the Mediterranean region and North Africa more than 1, years ago.

Discriminatory and Non-Discriminatory networks Trade networks do not necessarily maximaize trade, however. Networks are by nature exclusive, and they can divert trade as well as create trade. Greif argues that improvment in non-religious institutions during the Renaissance expanded trade to a more diverse set of traders than was possible with the earlier ethnic networks.

Freund and Weinhold find that the Internnet had little effect on international trade before when [ Finally, religious cultures indirectly affect commerce and trade through their influence on institutions such as social traditions, customs, laws, government and other organizations.

In summary, theory and evidence give us an ambiguous picture of how a religious culture in general [ That Buddhism is so positively and consistently correlated with international trade would not surprise Lalwho argues that the examples of Japan after World War II, and China, India, and many other Asian economies more recently, prove that rapid economic growth can be achieved in non-Western societies.

The result that the Hindu culture does not generate any noticeable network effect is surprising, given the Hindu Diaspora throughout Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. It is difficult to explain why Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Catholicism, and Protestantism, the three Christian religions in our sample, do not provide strong direct institutional support for international trade.

The three Christian religious cultures have positive indirect effects on trade through their influence on other institutions that enhance bilateral trade, which may be a very important contribution by those religions in that part of the world where seculairsm and individualism are also strong cultural traditions.

Unfortunately, the literature on the economic implications of Islam, such as Kuran,LalNafissiand Nolandprovides no consistent explanation for why Islamic trade networks do not expand total trade.

Perhaps Islamic networks are specially exclusive. Journal of Evolutionary economics, The Protestant Ethic and Modernization: Reputation and Coalition in Medieval Trade: Kuran, TimurIslam and Underdevelopment: Lal, DepeakUnintended Cosequence: Nafissi, MohammadReframing Orientalism: Weber and Islam, in:The Encyclopedia of New York State is one of the most complete works on the Empire State to be published in a half-century.

In nearly 2, pages and 4, signed entries, this single volume captures the impressive complexity of New York State as a historic crossroads of people and ideas, as a cradle of abolitionism and feminism, and as an apex of modern urban, suburban, and rural life.

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Baird, U.S. ("If the right of privacy means anything, it is the right of the individual, married or single, to be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision whether to bear or beget a child.")Subsequent history: None.

Axial age The Axial Age, previous eras, & consequences of the Axial Age.

Single eisenstadt

Sponsored link. The Axial Age of to BCE. Evidence strongly indicates that during certain rare intervals in history there have been major advances in the world's political, philosophical, and religious systems.

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Eisenstadt v. Baird, U.S. (), is a United States Supreme Court case that established the right of unmarried people to possess contraception on the same basis as married couples..

The Court struck down a Massachusetts law prohibiting the distribution of contraceptives to unmarried people for the purpose of preventing pregnancy, ruling that it violated the Equal Protection Clause of.

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