John dennis essay opera

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John dennis essay opera

From an English, roast-beefy perspective, he poked fun, in the Spectator, at the conventions of Italian opera—those conventions that most obviously offended common sense and could not possibly be included under the umbrella of realism.

Dennis and Addison led the charge. In the years that followed, opera would be accused of being unintelligible, effeminate, addicting its audiences to luxury and thus emasculating them, and of destroying rational, legitimate theater. It comes as something of a surprise, then, to recall that during his European tour, Addison saw no fewer than eight opera performances in Italy alone and that he actually wrote an opera libretto.

The latter fact is the more surprising in that a reader of his history of opera in the Spectator would not have any reason to suspect it. Nowhere does Addison refer to his own Rosamond as part of the early history of opera.

The present paper investigates this prima facie paradox. It uncovers a surprising chain of connections that, taken in [End Page ] sum, provide a vantage-point on early eighteenth-century constructions of Britishness, perhaps as revealing as the view from the Great Bridge in Blenheim Palace.

This article will offer three strands of argument: His Grand Tour was the crucible of such views on opera as are expressed in the later Spectator. Opera in Europe, he finds, is a tissue of unrealistic absurdity. In Venice, he is affronted by the observation that castrati are used to voice heroic roles, when plots could be chosen that actually require eunuchs.

Operas are another great entertainment of this season.

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The poetry of them is generally as exquisitely ill, as the music is good. The arguments are often taken from some celebrated action of the ancient Greeks or Romans, which sometimes looks ridiculous enough; for who can endure You are not currently authenticated.

John dennis essay opera

View freely available titles:Essay on the opera's after the Italian manner, which are about to be establish'd on the English stage: with some reflections on the damage which they may bring to the publick. By Mr. Dennis. London: Printed for, and are to be sold by John .

John Dennis – Essay on the Operas after the Italian Manner White Kennett – The History of England from the Commencement of the Reign of Charles I to the End of William III John Locke – Posthumous Works of Mr John Locke. 11 John Dennis, An Essay on the Opera’s After the Italian Manner, which are about to be establishe’d on the English stage (London, ), 2.

Charles Williams.

John dennis essay opera

Rinaldo (), John Hughes's preface to his and Galliard's opera Calypso and Telemachus (t Cibber's preface to his and Pepusch's masque Venus and Adonis Ct), an anony­ mous essay in the PlainDealer (), and an essay in The Touchstone ().

John Dennis (16 September – 6 January ) was an English critic and dramatist Life. He was born in the parish of St Andrew Holborn, London, in and from a new generation on the literary scene. His Essay on Italian Opera in argues that the introspection encouraged by the sensuality of music, but particularly Italian opera.

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