How to write a media advisory press release

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How to write a media advisory press release

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Number of Individuals with Internet Access: Laws regulate press activity and copyright stipulations, which are specific to the kingdom of Nepal because it did not sign the international Berne Convention regarding copyright. By the twenty-first century, Nepal had Constitutional provisions dictating how the press should publish news and information.

Media often presents conflicting perspectives because of the varied policies and agendas constraining journalists. In the early twenty-first century, the Department of Information said that Nepal has approximately 1, news publications of which are published on a regular basis. Half of the publications are based in Kathmandu.

Approximately 60 daily newspapers are published in Nepal; about 80 percent of Nepalese newspapers are weeklies. Two-thirds of the districts of the kingdom have newspapers and journals, which have low circulation rates.

Although 85 percent of Nepalis live in rural areas, most mainstream Nepalese media published in the Kathmandu Valley ignores issues specific to those areas. Fifty-five percent of Nepal's 24 million population are illiterate, and poor roads and infrastructure limit print media distribution.

InSudhasagar was the first newspaper published in Nepal. Gorkhapatra Nepalesepublished in Kathmandu sinceis Nepal's oldest newspaper still in circulation. Founder Maharaja Dev Shamsher Rana intended this newspaper to voice the Nepalese people's opinions and concerns.

In Memoriam

Instead, this government-owned periodical prints mostly speech texts and official pronouncements. Gorkhapatra became a daily in and had the largest circulation in Nepal with an estimated 75, copies.

The language used in this newspaper is a complex version of Nepalese that is often difficult even for natives to comprehend. The contents of Gorkhapatra are similar to Rising Nepalan English daily published by the government's Gorkhapatra Corporation that is intended for a tourist and expatriate readership.

A Nepalese edition of Rising Nepal is also issued. Some news obtained from foreign press agencies is translated into Nepalese. The Nepal media frequently features the royal family and palace events. King Birenda contributed a daily saying for editorial pages.

Attempts to privatize the Gorkhapatra Publication Corporation have been unsuccessful. In the early s, journalists became more vocal against government involvement with the media. Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa provided funds for Nepalese Awaj Nepalese Voice but did not force that newspaper to endorse only his liberal agenda.

Nepalese Awaj advocated establishment of a multi-party government and denounced the politically corrupt bhumigat giroh underground gang. After the April pro-democracy revolution, Rising Nepal and other newspapers began carrying news about the new political parties permitted to function in Nepal.

Founded in as the first private morning daily, Kantipur newspaper had the largest circulation by the twenty-first century. Many Nepalese magazines are printed in English.


The Nepal Traveler is designed for distribution to tourists, hotels, and airports and features cultural stories such as events related to festivals and holidays. The weekly Nepal Press Digest was first published in Kathmandu in and prints news from foreign newspapers as well as political parties' information which official government papers either refuse to include or discuss with bias.

Himal is a bimonthly prepared by the Kathmandu Himal Associates since that includes environmental essays, book reviews, and news concerning the region around the Himalayas. Alternative media includes Asmita Monthlya feminist magazine published since with a circulation of 10, and an estimated readership ten times that number, which explores gender and human rights issues and promotes social responsibility.

Press Laws Inafter King Mahendra Bir Bikram overthrew Nepal's parliamentary government and established the non-political party system Panchayat, media conformity was demanded by the dictatorial monarchy.

The RSS Act specified that only the government news agency could exist. The Press and Publication Act of stated in section 30 that the government could order cessation of media considered harmful to public interests.Zep Donates School Supplies to Bryant Elementary School.

Posted: 11/15/ It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes that means community organizations coming forward to donate supplies to help students succeed in school.

how to write a media advisory press release

Press releases and media advisories are an extraordinarily important tool for bringing attention to a particular issue, or for promoting an event to help drive change on campus. Learn what press releases and media advisories are and how you can use them to reach your goals on campus.

Welcome to the Claimants' Advisory Committee (CAC) website. We are the official committee appointed by the U.S.

how to write a media advisory press release

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