Fuzzy logic technique in smart grid

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Fuzzy logic technique in smart grid

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Wednesday, July 11, 4: The conference will include regular oral and poster presentations, tutorials, panels and world-class keynotes.

Special Session on "Fuzzy Systems in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid" The recent developments in Smart Grid technology employ information, communication, and automation technology to deploy an integrated power grid with smart power generation, transmission, distribution and users.

The Smart Grid paradigm is aligned with the policy goals of expanding the application of renewable energy, energy conservation, and carbon reduction. Renewable energy sources recently got more attention due to cost competitiveness and environmental sustainability, as compared to fossil fuel and nuclear power generations.

Owing to the relatively higher investment cost of renewable power generation systems, it is important to operate the systems near thir maximum power output point, especially for the wind and solar PV generation systems. In addition, since the wind and solar PV power resources are intermittent, accurate predictions and modeling of wind speed and solar insolation are necessary.

Plus, to have a more reliable power supply, renewable power generation systems are usually interconnected with the power grid. Smart Grid emphasizes automation, safety, and the close cooperation between the users and suppliers to improve the operating efficiency of power system, to enhance power quality and to solidify grid reliability.

Moreover, Smart Grid integrated with smart meters, EV charging stations and home building energy management system are the key enabling factor toward the Smart City concept. As a result, modeling and controlling the power grid using Smart Grid techniques, such as smart meters, micro-grids, and distribution automations become very important issues.

Additionally, effective uses of computational intelligence techniques such as fuzzy systems for the controlling and modeling of renewable power generation in a smart-grid system turn out to be very crucial for successful operations of the systems.

Fuzzy logic technique in smart grid

Scope and Topics The main aim of this session is to provide a forum for researchers covering the whole range of fuzzy systems applications to Smart Grid systems and renewable power generation and use. The topics include but are not limited to: Fuzzy modeling of renewable power generation systems.

Fuzzy control of renewable power generation systems. Prediction of renewable energy using fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems. Hybrid systems of computational intelligence techniques in Smart Grid and renewable power generation systems.

Neuro-Fuzzy system for oil and gas integration with renewable sources. Fuzzy energy management systems.

Fuzzy logic technique in smart grid

Fuzzy power quality, protection and reliability analysis of power system. Novel applications in electric energy market.FUZZY LOGIC BASED OPTIMIZATION FOR LOAD SCHEDULING TO MANAGE GRID OUTAGES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Amit S.

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News - Task Force on “Fuzzy Systems in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid”

Jun 09,  · A customized internal fuzzy logic control scheme of the UPQC device was developed to regulate the voltage in the WF terminals, and to mitigate voltage fluctuations at grid side. The internal control strategy is based on the management of active and reactive power in the series and shunt converters of the UPQC, and the Reviews: 2.

STATCOM Helps to Guarantee a Stable System B.R. Anderson, B.D.

A Criss-Cross Metamaterial Based Electrically Small Antenna

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