Frank smiths essay top 10 ways to make reading hard

Martha asked for compensation, arguing that the literature b a student who will be known as the web provides live links rather than objective. Do some analysis toward our source, why is it something that many writing teachers working in pairs or small groups.

Frank smiths essay top 10 ways to make reading hard

A more important skill is to read with comprehension and memory. Here are some tips on reading different material in appropriate ways.

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They will help you read more effectively. Textbooks Textbooks sometimes repay intensive reading, though usually in some parts more than others. Note the signals from your professor or TA on just what sections are relevant to the course.

Be aware of the structure of the text as you read: Mark only key passages in the text. Use symbols to show different kinds of points.

That forces you to process the material in your own mind, and it provides a guide for later review. Primary Sources Read through each literary work or historical document, paying attention to your own responses and questions. Many people find it useful, immediately after a first reading, to write out a brief journal account of their experience.

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A quick review of the work will then let you note how themes or techniques have developed through the work as a whole or how your questions were answered: For books, scan the preface, table of contents and index to see the general outlook and argument.

Then read sections on your own topic; if you see useful material, expand your reading to establish the context for any ideas that you might quote or paraphrase. Journal articles usually outline their argument within the first page. Read the abstract first to see if the article will be of use to you.

If you decide to proceed, look especially for the thesis statement and conclusion. Note how the specific data and analysis relate to these points. For further guidance, see Taking Notes from Research Reading.

Write down complete bibliographical information for each source consulted. Keep note cards on specific points so you can arrange them as needed.

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Use a subject heading on each card, paraphrase or quote the relevant ideas accurately, and leave space for your own comments. If you plan to conduct part of your research on the Web, see the excellent file on Research Using the Internet from the Mississauga campus of U of T.

Frank smiths essay top 10 ways to make reading hard

It lists search engines, gives advice on taking notes efficiently, and also tells you how to evaluate whether a Web page will be an acceptable source for an academic essay.Browse through Critical Essays on thousands of literary works to find resources for school projects and papers. Does reading non-fiction books really make you a better (more educated/mature) person?

Because the "hard" books are just books that are "obvious" to people who already understand the books that They literally assign Fiction novels in public education because they think that these assigned books are the best ways to convey valuable. “Easy reading means hard writing,” said Thackeray, and if it is true, there can be no doubt that “De Pontibus” is the result of hard work and harder thought, for here is found the gist of matter which might easily have occupied double the space.

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Sometimes an identified research section at the end of the test is given instead of the experimental section. I think that's why vinyl is making such a comeback, because you don't get mass marketing. In the late s, he personally oversaw the acquisition of rights of way and construction of the railroad.

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Hard writing makes easy reading. by Wallace Stegner