Essay on modernism including cubism and expressionism

The lesson was started with a brief introduction of Art Movement.

Essay on modernism including cubism and expressionism

By Isaac Tanner-Dempsey Fig. Women were becoming allowed to vote, new economic conditions of the emerging Industrialization of the Western world meant that people had more freedoms and educational opportunities.

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The term Modernism reflects the above changes but more specifically, it has come to define the ideology of the artistic movement of that time.

Contemporary artists believed that art must reflect life in the socialist revolution and speak to a contemporary audience. The Modernist movement broke away from traditions in thinking, society and art. A new era was starting.

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The high represented the intellectual and the low the more day to day which was more able to be accessible to the masses. In the fine arts, High Modernism was dominated by two streams, Geometrical abstraction and Expressionism.

Geometrical abstraction includes Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Minimalism. Low Modernism has come to mean the practical application of a new set of influences upon society.

It did not make use of the works of the past believing them to be outdated and no longer useful or relevant. Modernism also rejected the separation of people by social class as well as the idea of an all-powerful Creator.

This was the time of Darwin who challenged the idea of an almighty God and the Garden of Eden. What was known by Western society prior to the industrial revolution and had been in place around humankinds known memory was dissolving.

It was believed that art would have to also radically change. Thus, in the first twenty years of the 20th century many writers, thinkers, and artists broke with the traditional ways of creating and understanding, literature, painting, and music.

Like many movements, there was both an intellectual aspect to Modernism and a more practical aspect. These were respectively named, High and Low Modernism. This essay will explore these two aspects of Modernism and the impact they have both had upon society, art and graphic design, and will explore which has ultimately been more influential.

High Modernism was based on deeply held intellectual challenges, ideas and theories, which account for the radical and extreme nature of its forms.

High Modernism rejected traditional and historical beliefs holding instead to the ideological philosophical utopian desire for a better world and unity among all of the arts.

Born in an age of industrialization Modernism saw the potential of the machine and the power in industrial technology and stripped off ornamental or decorative elements focusing on geometric and rectilinear shapes. It was a Term that covered a range of movements and styles in many countries, especially those Flourishing in key cities in Germany and Holland, as well as in Moscow, Paris, Prague, and later, New York.

All of these sites were stages for an espousal of the new and, often, an equally Vociferous rejection of history and tradition; a utopian desire to create a better world, to reinvent The world from scratch; an almost messianic belief in the power and potential of the machine And industrial technology; a rejection of applied ornament and decoration; an embrace of Abstraction and a belief in the unity of all arts.

High Modernism may be distorted, unnaturally and arbitrarily coloured, expressing hyper real scenarios of what things may have looked like in an alternate abstraction of reality. Expressionism developed as an avant-garde style around before the First World War.

Its aim was to express the meaning of being alive rather than the physical reality. It is as if we simply guess we are in a forest by the colour and the cubist unrealistic shapes that surround the animals. It is characterized by the reduction of natural forms into fragmented parts, which became abstract and often geometric.

It combined art with craft and in this was revolutionary. There was also a belief that art could help to improve society not just reflect it. The ideas were around the conscious and unconscious merging to create a new reality.

Essay on modernism including cubism and expressionism

The ideas and changes from industrialization had been absorbed into day-to-day life and society. This state of being which was now the norm became known as low Modernism.

Urbanization of populations was ever increasing. Ordinary people had adopted many new technologies. Electricity, telephone, the radio and automobile had become a part of their daily lives.

This created jobs, time and consumerism. Social changes created livelihoods for a population who would work with, repair, use and live with these technologies.

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Urbanization brought with it new social norms, families became more nuclear and this changed relationships between parents and their children. Smaller families meant more access to education, health and wealth. Low Modernism was strongly influenced by High Modernism but rejected or had no knowledge of many of its intellectual and radical ideas.

It has become the term used to describe how day-to-day life was experienced. Mass production fueled much modernist innovation.This essay will summarize 17 popular art movements comprising of; Abstract Art, Abstract Expression, Conceptual Art, Cubism, Dada, Expressionism, Fauvism, more specific art movements such as cubism and abstract expressionism.

The basis of the idea of modernism is that it is the move from modernism, including art movements before this. Modernism PowerPoint to american by ottov_baten.

0 Down votes, mark as not useful. Midterm Essay Exam Analytical & Synthetic Cubism and Modern Art Analytical Cubism, invented by Pablo Picasso and Georges Baroque, is the artistic style .

MODERNISM Even if under the term “Modernism” there are different movements including Symbolism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism and so on, common features were the awareness of the sperimental studies that had developed in other disciplines and the loss of faith in the traditional vision of reality and art.

Creative Project: This might be an essay, story, poem, or play in the style of a certain movement (futurism, dadaism, cubism, expressionism, surrealism, existentialism), a group of paintings, or a film.

10 Modernist Art Movements. Written By: Mic Anderson. As Cubism and Futurism spread west to Russia at the end of the s, they were absorbed into the utopian spirit of the October Revolution, thus creating a new art movement known as Constructivism, which embraced theory that art should be “constructed” from modern industrial.

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