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Diythemes thesis 2.0

It is time invest in employee morale. Happy workers are 12 percent more productive according to a study led by Professor Andrew Oswald at Warwick Business School. Unhappy employees on the other hand can be detrimental to your business. Turnover costs are estimated to be from 30 percent of annual salary for an entry level employee up to percent of annual salary for a high-level employee.

In fact, none of the in practice methods outlined below involve raises or bonuses. Recognize individual employees Tell people when they are doing a fabulous job.

For Diversity & Inclusion, Don’t Treat All Differences The Same

It is so simple, and works so well. This piece of advice was by far the most common response I heard when asking professionals how to boost employee morale. Praise your employees Diythemes thesis 2.0 staff meetings, or take the time to thank them in a hand-written note.

Whatever the message, the most important thing is that employees know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated. The employee recognition need not stay within the office walls. Each month, the best idea was chosen and implemented. The winner was announced at a staff meeting, and given a prize.

Show employees the results of their hard work I once worked at a large non-profit that raised money for other non-profits. As a result of this, most of my co-workers and I had very little if any direct interaction with the people and the communities we were actually helping.

So while we raised money for books and senior excursions, we never witnessed the joy of children receiving the new books, or the delight of retirement home residents enjoying an afternoon at the museum.

To help remedy this, the HR team organized fieldtrips for us to actually see the end result of our hard work. These were incredibly rewarding experiences, which better connected us to the communities, and made me feel more passionate about the work we were doing.

Above Your Pay Grade?

To bring the fieldtrip experience in-house, be sure to share the thank you notes and positive reviews written by customers with the entire staff. Give them responsibility All of your employees can point out inefficiencies in your organization, but not all feel empowered to do so.

Paul Vragel of 4aBetterBusiness, Inc. Founders Dave and Bill spent time on the shop floor, talking with individual employees, asking questions, and soliciting ideas. This begins with partnering new employees with more seasoned veterans, bringing in experts for training sessions, and encouraging and paying for employees to attend local trade conferences.

Be wary of taking away these benefits. Give small perks with big personal impact In addition to providing training, businesses can reward their staff with perks that truly make a difference in the lives of their employees. One perk that I cherish, that costs my employer nothing, is having the luxury of working from home once a week.

The hour and a half that I save by not riding the bus, gives me the rare chance to take a breather between my work and family responsibilities. On same vein, having flexible hours can make a world of difference to working parents.

The New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado rewards each of their employees after their first year of employment with a new bicycle, and encourages the employees to ride by providing on-site showers and bicycle maintenance supplies.

Of their employees, over half of the staff ride to work at least a week in the summer. When it comes to rewarding a job well done, many executives revert to giving their employees small cash bonuses. Instead, CEO Ruben Estrada of Estrada Strategiesa company providing executive coaching services, recommends treating employees to an experience.

Worse yet, when employees are only given part of the story, not the whole picture, they are left to fill in the blanks with gossip, rumors, and worry. Instead of throwing boring run-of-the-mill office party, the crew at Rackspace Hostingwho pride themselves of making their work environment fun, decided to go all out for an 80s party.

Jillian Zavitz at TalktoCanadaa company that offers English lessons over the Internet, has tried numerous approaches to boost the morale of her teachers. Ask employees what motivates them While the list above will certainly help bolster the morale of many employees, one of the most important things to do is to ask your employees what motivates them.

If you implement them, the employees will feel even more appreciated and will typically help you get the ideas launched.I am an organizational consultant, change advocate, and organizational identity/reputation scholar with a PhD in leadership & organizations.

I research, write about, and consult with organizations on the relationships between organizational identity, actions, and purpose. Simpler sharing and permissions management for sites (this is a huge potential benefit and is something you should really look into).

Embedded and intuitive social capabilities (for personal recall, and social sharing). This piece was written by Joy Powers ().Trying to boost your company’s bottom line?

It is time invest in employee morale. Happy workers are 12 percent more productive according to a study led by Professor Andrew Oswald at Warwick Business School.. Unhappy employees on the other hand can be detrimental to your business.

Diythemes thesis 2.0

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