Chapter questions of animal farm englis

He never let them out of the loft in the farm, and the rest of the farm soon forgot about their existence. Snowball and Napoleon argue on almost every issue that arises.

Chapter questions of animal farm englis

Mollie likes being praised, admiring herself, wearing pretty ribbons, eating sugar, and being stroked by humans.

Chapter questions of animal farm englis

She does not like working on the farm 20 What changes have been made in the weekly meetings over the last year? The pigs now decide the farm policy.

Snowball and Napoleon still disagree over almost everything 21 Explain the windmill controversy from Napoleon's point of view. He thinks the major problem on the farm is increasing food production.

He thinks the whole windmill thing is nonsense, or so he says, and urinates on Snowball's plans 22 What changes does Napoleon make after his dogs chase Snowball off the farm? There will be no more Sunday Meetings. The animals will now meet on Sundays to salute the flag, sing "Beasts of England," and receive their orders for the week 23 Why don't the other animals protest Napoleon's decisions?

None of them is really smart enough to bring up any arguments. The sheep begin their bleating, and the dogs growl before anyone can think of a protest. Napoleon, Squealer, and Minimus, the poet, sit on a raised platform, The nine dogs sit in a semicircle around the three, and the other pigs sit behind them.

The rest of the animals stand facing the pigs 25 What is the importance of the dogs' accompanying Squealer when he comes to talk to the animals? Napoleon wants to make sure there is no protest or rebellion against his orders. In addition to Squealer's natural ability to convince, he has three vicious dogs to back him up.

What do you think Snowball would have done differently? The animals still believe they are working for themselves. Although they already work a hour week during spring and summer, Napoleon informs them that they can volunteer for Sunday afternoon work, as well.


However, any animal not volunteering will have his rations cut in half 28 Why does Napoleon decide to engage in trade with neighboring farms? Because certain items such as paraffin oil and dog biscuits are in short supply, Napoleon decides to sell a stack of hay and part of the wheat crop.

Later they may have to sell some of the hens' eggs 29 How do the animals react? They are troubled and think they remember a resolution against trade with humans. Four young pigs try to protest but are silenced by the dogs' growls and the sheeps' bleating of the slogan, "Four legs good, two legs bad.

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Why does Napoleon blame Snowball? A violent November storm blows it down. Instead of admitting that the windmill's walls were not thick enough to support it against a strong wind, Napoleon blames Snowball for blowing it up. Since Snowball had drawn up the plans, the blame for its failure is partly his 31 Why does Napoleon insist the windmill must be rebuilt immediately?

Napoleon probably had many reasons, including preventing the animals from becoming too discouraged to begin building if they wait until spring. By keeping the animals busy building a windmill that will supposedly ease life for all of them, the animals will forget how miserably cold and hungry they are during the hard winter 32 Why does Napoleon order that the hens' eggs be sold?

The animals are nearly starving and there is almost no food left.

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The hens must give up their eggs for sale so that meal and grain can be purchase for the good of all 33 How does Napoleon react when the hens rebel against his orders? He orders the hens' food rations cut off. If any other animals give any food to the chickens, they are to be killed.

Chapter questions of animal farm englis

The dogs enforce his orders. Nine hens die of starvation before then hens give up their five-day protest 34 Why does Napoleon revive the threat of the farm being sabotaged by Snowball? Snowball is the perfect scapegoat, the one who can be blamed when something goes wrong.

It is not the pigs' fault when a storage-shed key is lost, or the cows' fault when they don't give much milk - it is Snowball's fault.Animal Farm Questions and Answers as compared with the description in Chapter I.

Napoleon, Squealer, and Minimus, the poet, sit on a raised platform, The nine dogs sit in a semicircle around the three, and the other pigs sit behind them. The rest of the animals stand facing the pigs.

Learn study questions chapter 1 english animal farm with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of study questions chapter 1 english animal farm flashcards on Quizlet. Chapter 1- ANIMAL FARM QUESTIONS 1. In Chapter 1, How is Mr. Jones portrayed?

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He is portrayed as a reckless alcoholic. 2. The animals who gather to hear Major`s speech each mirror a human trait. Animal Farm quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for Animal Farm quizzes and tests you might have in school.

First published in , Animal Farm is Orwell's dark satire of the events leading up to the Russian revolution of , and a criticism of the totalitarian rule of Joseph Stalin, one of history's. Pinchfield is the neighboring farm and Frederick is the farmer. What does Boxer do to the stable lad during the battle?

Boxer knocked the stable lad unconscious with his hoof.

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