Bbc middle east business report facebook abuse

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Bbc middle east business report facebook abuse

Freedom in the World Status: Not Free Key Developments, June 1, — May 31, Authorities continued to shut down telecommunications networks in the Sinai Peninsula as part of military operations see Restrictions on Connectivity. The blocking of websites reached unprecedented levels during a wider crackdown on freedom of expression and civil society in advance of the March presidential elections see Blocking and Filtering.

Parliament considered new media regulations, including provisions to register popular social media users, censor news sites, and criminalize the spread of false news. Several problematic laws were passed after the coverage period see Legal Environment.

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Numerous bloggers, activists, and journalists were arrested for nonviolent political, social, or religious posts on social media, while others languish in arbitrary detention see Prosecutions and Detentions for Online Activities.

Internet freedom further declined in as online censorship increased dramatically, with little to no transparency. Numerous individuals were arrested or imprisoned for critical online posts and commentary.

Blocking escalated to unprecedented levels during the coverage period as part of a wider crackdown on freedom of expression and civil society in advance of the March presidential elections. As of Februaryaround websites were reported blocked, many of which had been blocked since the beginning of The blocked websites include local independent news, influential blogs, political movements, and a number of local and international human rights organizations.

The entire online publishing platform Medium was also blocked, as well ashundreds of proxy tools, tech websites, and VPNs used to circumvent state censorship.

Egyptians continued to face heavy penalties for their online activities. Over the past year, a number of individuals were arrested for spreading false news, inciting violence, or insulting the president. InCoptic Christian Andrew Saleeb was sentenced to five years in prison under the antiterrorism law for allegedly "supporting terrorism" for posting criticism of President Sisi on Facebook and distributing fliers calling for protests against currency devaluation.

Egypt's internet freedom is poised to decline further with new legislation recently passed that targets the online sphere. In Augustafter this report's coverage period, the president signed the new Law on Combating Cybercrimes, which creates a legal framework to block websites deemed to threaten national security.

Individuals who visit banned websites may be jailed for up to one year, while creators or managers of websites that are later banned could face up to two years in prison. ISPs are required to retain browsing data of their customers and disclose it to security bodies upon request. Parliament also approved three draft laws regulating the media in June The laws contain a number of new restrictions on online media, for example, stipulating that no websites may be set up or managed in Egypt without a license from the Higher Council for Media Regulation.

Moreover, the draft law considers blogs and personal social media accounts to be websites, which would be subject to account removal, fines, and imprisonment if found to be spreading false news. President Sisi ratified several of the laws after the coverage period.

A poor telecommunications infrastructure and relatively high costs continue to pose obstacles to universal internet access in Egypt. Authorities continued to shut down telecommunications networks in the Sinai Peninsula as part of military operations to root out "terrorists and criminal elements and organizations" in Availability and Ease of Access According to the Information and Communication Technology Indicators Bulletin, a report issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology MCITat the fourth quarter ofinternet penetration stood at 41 percent, up from 39 percent at the end of Egypt's mobile phone penetration rate was percent during the same period, amounting to over million mobile subscriptions, as well as 32 million mobile internet subscriptions.

Egyptians are increasingly accessing mobile internet service. At 31 percent, the northern delta region has the highest percentage of ADSL subscriptions, followed by Cairo at 28 percent and upper Egypt at 12 percent[ 3 ]. Egypt continues to have the most affordable broadband internet in Africa.

The majority of internet users prefer to browse in Arabic. However, only 3 percent of the web's content is in Arabic,[ 8 ] creating a language barrier that in turn limits usage.

Restrictions on Connectivity Authorities continued to shut down telecommunications networks in the Sinai Peninsula as part of military operations to root out "terrorists and criminal elements and organizations" in Similar shutdowns were noted throughout [ 10 ] and On January 2,the company said that it had bypassed the severed cable and fully restored internet service.

The arrangement makes it easy to suspend internet access or decrease speeds, as was the case during the revolution. The NTRA stated that the rationale for potentially blocking VoIP services was economic, citing the negative impacts on traditional telecommunications companies.

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A couple from New Jersey and a homeless man are now facing charges after allegedly conspiring to make up a false story for GoFundMe donations according to a complaint obtained by NBC Philadelphia.

13 hours ago · Trump rarely mentions any Saudi role in achieving his stated objectives in the Middle East — bringing Iran to heel, forging an Israeli-Palestinian peace, and vanquishing Islamist terrorism. “They have truly been a spectacular ally in terms of jobs and economic development,” he said, referring primarily to Saudi arms purchases.

In the summer of , the Deghayes family arrived in Saltdean, a coastal hamlet a few miles east of Brightons city centre. They had invested the previous two years in Libya with their extended family, who lived a comfy middle-class existence in Tripoli.

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bbc middle east business report facebook abuse

17K likes. BBC Good Food Middle East is the regional edition of BBC Good Food, the world's foremost food media The first accounts were created in and posted political content about the Middle East, the U.K., and the U.S., although the focus on the West increased starting last year, Facebook said.

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