A report on the skills of the female chimpanzee

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A report on the skills of the female chimpanzee

She was born in Africa in and eventually taken to Washoe County, Nev. The chimp wowed the world when she successfully learned American Sign Languagewhich had never happened before with a nonhuman primate. Washoe then passed her skills on to her adopted son Loulis, and by the time she died inWashoe had mastered around signs [source: Although Nim memorized signs, researchers discovered his proficiency sprang from imitation of his teacher rather than unprompted communication [source: That breakthrough likely came as little surprise to lead primatologist for the Great Ape Trust, Susan Savage-Rumbaugh.

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Savage-Rumbaugh firmly believes that apes are capable of linguistic communication with humans and points to Kanzi and Panbanisha -- bonobo pygmy chimps she has worked with for more than 20 years -- as evidence.

Instead of relying solely on sign language, Savage-Rumbaugh created lexigrams, or symbolic word representations, to teach the bonobos. Kanzi knows an impressive lexigrams. Using a specialized series of keyboards with a lexigram on each key, Kanzi can point to a symbol to "say" a word.

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Panbanisha knows even more lexigrams. Savage-Rumbaugh also cites instances of creativity and word play in the bonobos, demonstrating that they are not simply memorizing words.

For instance, Panbanisha pointed to the lexigram for "monster" in response to a poorly behaved visitor [source: They also seem to understand syntax when tested.

If Savage-Rumbuagh asks Kanzi to put raisins in a cup of water, the bonobo understands the difference between that and if she were to ask him to pour water on top of the raisins [source: And the lack of spontaneous, noninstigated communication lingers. Scientists at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center may have pinpointed the key to that chimpanzee language gap in spring Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging that traces neural paths, the researchers compared the brains of humans, rhesus monkeys and chimpanzees.

Those expanded connections imply a greater ability of humans to analyze and contextualize linguistic information and could be the key difference between how we communicate versus chimps.

But as long as Kanzi and others continue to baffle us with their recognition and use of humanlike communication, the case of chimpanzees mastering our language is far from closed.Such behaviour is hard to understand without imagining a mind that can appreciate what it sees and which intends to mimic the actions of others (see “The imitative dolphin”).

A female chimpanzee was born shortly after midnight on Saturday, July 14, , at the Detroit Zoo’s Great Apes of Harambee. The baby, named Jane, arrived in the early hours of the first World Chimpanzee Day, recognizing the day in English primatologist and anthropologist Dr.

Jane Goodall first traveled to what is now Gombe [ ].

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Female chimpanzees are pregnant for about months and usually have a single baby at a time; twins are rare. Female chimpanzees carefully nurture their young.

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A report on the skills of the female chimpanzee

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