3 what is the highest price soren chemical can set for coracle

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3 what is the highest price soren chemical can set for coracle

Market Size What is the addressable market size for Coracle? Assuming that Soren stops the private labeling of Kailan MW, current participants hold anywhere from 45 to percent of the current market, leaving the addressable market somewhere between 40 to percent, or between million to Coracle was introduced at the end of the pool season inleaving little time for Soren to build brand awareness of the product.

By this time of the year, retailers most users have purchased all of the chemicals needed and may have sufficient stock to carry them into next years pool season, for Soren this means sales are limited until consumers are made aware of the product and its benefits and need to resupply their chemicals.

3 what is the highest price soren chemical can set for coracle

What are the implications of the channel structure for pool chemicals? These formulators produce a full range of products including chlorine, cleansers, enzymes, shock treatments and algaecides.

How would you describe the selling process for Kailan MW vs. Kailan MW is sold to institutions and pool professionals, is formulated for large pools with a high volume of bathers, where cleanliness and safety are chief concerns.

These users are aware of the product benefits and understand its proper use. Coracle is sold to residential users through discount stores, online and by pool supply centers.


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Words Jul 6th, 4 Pages. Soren Chemicals 1. What is the addressable market size for Coracle? Is the first year goal of $ million sales reasonable? (10 points) 3.

What is the highest price Soren can set for Coracle? (7 points) 4. What action plan do you recommend for Coracle? ( Business Wire, November 3, VISION Conference Explores the Future of Employee Benefits.

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